Witnessing for Each Other

This last month has been a month of reunions – sometimes planned, sometime serendipitous – with pals from my arts management days including designers, specialists, administrators and artists. We have warm, highly energized conversations as we reminisce about our times together producing concerts and theatrical events, designing theatre spaces and in particular, the Esplanade Theatres. Lots of laughter and lots of “Aha, so that’s what it was all about!” moments. At some point in our conversations, we realise that we are doing something intrinsically important and affirming. We’re witnessing for each other! Even if what we did is not mentioned … Continue reading Witnessing for Each Other

OCD for Deadlines

As I sat on his proverbial couch, a dear psychiatrist friend recently remarked that I was “grieving the loss of my job”.  I was surprised and outraged by the idea as I knew that I had left corporate life on my own accord, willingly and delightfully, having found an able successor with whom I knew my initiatives and my team would be “safe”. I had timed my retirement one month before the first birthday celebration of my first grand-daughter, Anna Rose now three, who is the love of my life, along with her now one-year old sister, Zoe Lin. A … Continue reading OCD for Deadlines

Delightful Anna & Zoe in Singapore (26 Feb – 15 March 2015)

Liana & Geoff brought their beautiful family here in late Feb. The trip was framed by Liana’s attendance at an ARI conference and Geoff’s Work commitments at Singapore Poly. For me, the greatest significance of this visit was that my 91 year old mum got to meet her newest great- granddaughter, Zoe who was born on 4 Nov 2014, six months after mum’s last trip to Cambridge in May 2014. Traveling will get harder now as dementia has set in and her limbs weaken. We especially enjoyed the two days we spent at Angela’s.  Liana had a one-day seminar at … Continue reading Delightful Anna & Zoe in Singapore (26 Feb – 15 March 2015)

Appendix op at your age??

Three little plasters on my navel and lower abdomen, that I still feel too afraid to tear off. These are the only traces of my (‘appendix op at your age??’ gasped my primary schoolmate) appendix operation, two weeks ago. Just 16 hours after returning from Japan where I had sat through Typhoon Vongphong, and just as I was picking up my bag (‘let’s go to lunch, mum’), I was seized with an excruciating pain that bent me triple. My whole abdomen seemed to be shifting sideways and exploding as spasms swept through me. They were not unlike labour pains which … Continue reading Appendix op at your age??

Kazakhstan in Spring

Since I left university over 40 years ago, I have always peaked into and coveted the lifestyle of a particular university mate. A successful travelogue writer, this lucky lady friend is paid to travel around the world. Attractively fit, tanned with a heightened sense of adventure, our Adventurer friend habitually hikes, treks and scales peaks, and often alone. She said she would simply fly to a destination, look up a walking tour, join it and she’s on her way! Two year ago, we teased our Adventurer about taking us on one of her trips, eager to sample her “exciting” lifestyle. This year in … Continue reading Kazakhstan in Spring